Julia de Rosenwerth




Julia is a performing artist originally from Cape Town, South Africa. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Dance from the University of Cape Town, School of Dance with majors in Choreography and Philosophy and is currently completing her Master of Arts at Rhodes University in 2020.

Julia’s approach to artistic creation is informed by her extensive and varied dance background: she is primarily trained in South African Contemporary Dance and Flamenco Dance, but also has Ballet and Gymnastics training from earlier years. These varying influences collide and blend in her body as she welcomes the multitude of possibilities they create for expression. Julia’s current and ongoing dance training centres Flamenco Dance.

In more recent years Julia has become increasingly interested and involved in improvised interdisciplinary performance and has found a place for herself in this mode of creation. It allows for an intersection of her interests and creates a potent place to explore embodied memory, knowledge and processing. In this vein, she has been a regular participant in the composition in real-time project ‘Music Dance 021’ run by Manuela Lucia Tessi (NL/IT) and Thalia Laric (SA) for the past two years. Yet Julia has also ventured into her own explorations of this interdisciplinary work through solo performances, collaborative self-produced shows and curated platforms. Most recently Julia has worked with musician Beatriz Gijon in online formats (during Covid-19) to create live-composed performances. In 2019 Julia attended a residency at Centro Negra: AADK Spain in Blanca, Murcia where she spent 2 months creating two interdisciplinary performances in collaboration with fellow residents and the members of the AADK collective. Julia has also worked extensively with Adriana Jamisse on various performative projects. Julia has an extensive performance history that includes solo and ensemble performance, durational performance, curatorial work, video work and production co-ordination.

Additionally to performance, Julia is currently a lecturer/tutor at Rhodes University, where she studies. Previous to this, Julia lectured at the tertiary institution AFDA: School for the Creative Economy, where she taught movement to musicians and actors.

Julia also conceptualises and builds websites for artists, arts organisations and small businesses in the creative sector. Julia has worked with a number of well-known South African artists and enjoys the process of creative support web design offers.

Please browse through the projects listed on the website to get a sense of the work Julia has done over the years.