2018. Selects from Curated Consciousness

Curated Consciousness was a platform organised by Caroline Calburn at the Theatre Arts Admin Collective in September 2018 that invited local artists to curate a week-long programme each, around an interest of their. I put together I call you dance. 

I call you dance was a week of dance performances, workshops and discussions that I curated and produced. It invited conversation around dance as a modality for self-exploration and integration. The participating artists included: Adriana Jamisse, with a work called Derivations, performed with Kerim Becker; Can Creative (Nathan Bartman and Ciara Baldwin) with Rooted, Che Adams with Querencia, performed with Beinyameen Camroodien and Lorean Swartz; and myself, with Rein.

Each participating artist works with or is influenced by historically established music and dance traditions that inform their practice and shape their understandings of why they dance and how they dance. As such, to wanted I call you dance to be a place to witness and engage with the artists on their practices, influences and inspirations, and hoped this would spark more conversation around the roles folk-dance knowledge systems play in contemporary artistic work.

Photography: Lindsey Appolis

2018. Selects from ANY BODY DANCE LAB

ANY BODY DANCE LAB (ABDL) was organised by ANY BODY ZINE (Julia de Rosenwerth, Kopano Maroga and Nicola van Straaten in collaboration with New Dance Lab (Kristina Johnstone and Thalia Laric). ABDL was made possible by the accomodation of the Theatre Arts Admin Collective, with funding from the Goethe Institute Johannesburg, as part of the roving arts platform Goethe Project-Space.

Photography and videography: Lindsey Appolis

Any Body Dance Lab was a six-week residency programme for independent performing artists based in Cape Town. It offered composition and performance workshops, writing sessions, feedback sessions and the opportunity for participants to showcase their work twice, publicly. The project also included workshops and performances by the organizers and workshop facilitators. Invited facilitators included Jori Snell, Tossie van Tonder and Tetsuro Fukuhara. The purpose of the residency was to create a space to for emerging performing artists to develop their practices in community, as well as provide a platform for embodied research to be discussed and enacted.