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Memento is a live performance by Julia Ruzyczka de Rosenwerth, created towards the completion of a Master of Arts Degree (Coursework) in Interdisciplinary Performance Praxis, through Rhodes University, Makhanda.

Memento comprises the practice-led aspect of the research, which is extended through a written report that connects the performance with surrounding theory. Together, these research materials are presented for the fulfillment of the degree.

The making of Memento was documented through various mediums by Julia from January 2021 – October 2021. This process was extended through various archival collaborations with other artists including Evaan Jason Ferreira and Alessandra Sarah Griffin. Select materials are included here, in this fragmented and incomplete archive, entitled Memento in pieces. It is linked to, and forms part of the research report (the connections of which are drawn out in the document). That being said, Memento in pieces can also stand alone as a collection of small snippets of practice-led artistic research that arise from the making of Memento. 

Headphones are recommended, as well as a good internet connection.

MEMENTOagain: A digital work filmed and edited by Evaan Jason Ferreira, based on the performance Memento. Performed and filmed on 25 August 2021.

MEMENTO in photographs: An image-based collaboration with Alessandra Sarah Griffin, based on the concept of Memento. Created on 29 September 2021.

MEMENTO’s costume design: Tracking the stages of costume development for Memento from March to August 2021.

MEMENTO in sound: Original score conceived and created by Julia Ruzyczka de Rosenwerth. Track 1 and 2 mastered by Josman Parimaeker.


07 September 2021


06 September 2021

MEMENTO’s self-interviews: A selection of reflective pieces in which Julia reflects on the process of making MEMENTO.