pale mint green (2020)


This short work forms part of Julia’s Masters coursework. Exploring micropractice, she interweaves text and image to create an open-ended narrative that moves forward and back in time.

sometime in august (2019)


This video initially formed part of a durational performanced created in residence at AADK Spain. It explores the boundaries of the body, asking how these can be dispersed, altered, dissipated. The sound score for the video was created by manipulating vocal experiments Julia has done during rehearsal for the work. Similar to the video aspect of the work, Julia asked whether she could ‘open up’ the raw vocal sounds, so they may appeal to more than simply the human voice.

Camera work: Julia de Rosenwerth 

Sound: Julia de Rosenwerth, mastered by Josman P

Video Editing: Berke Halman

Gravity and Grace (2017)


“Falling is necessary and inevitable. It is generally something we try to resist, but it should rather be welcomed. An alternative way to understand falling, is as an opportunity for change, essential to new growth, and the potential for release. The act of letting go becomes recovery. To practice this surrender, we give up control to give in to mystery. We have to risk losing who we are, to the worthy potential of who we can become.” – Marsi van de Heuwel
Concept:  Marsi van de Heuvel Performance Artists: Adriana Jamisse,  Sizo Mahlangu, Julia de Rosenwerth, Marsi van de Heuvel.
Producer: Lisa Gardner
Director / Director of Photography: Republic of Nowhere
Camera Assistant / DIT / Post Production: Delon Misic
Camera Operator: Jason Musgrave
Special Thanks  Velocity Films for location  Panavision South Africa for camera gear.